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Agriculture and Agri-food are a critical connection between economic, social and environmental sustainability in developing countries.  With most of the poor in these countries relying on agriculture for their livelihoods, improving agricultural practices and results, agribusiness strategies and trade marketing can be a fundamental instrument in poverty alleviation—especially among the most vulnerable, including women and ethnic communities.

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  • INVEST Co-op Program. INVEST Co-op is a four-year, CAD $22 Million initiative funded by the Global Affairs Canada with a CAD $5 Million contribution from the Canadian Co-operative Association. The Program takes an integrated co-operative approach, benefiting producers by increasing production, productivity, and access to markets and financial services. The goal of the Program is to improve sustainable gender-equitable economic well being for women and men small producers through co-operatives in Indonesia, Malawi, Mongolia and Peru. Cannexion conducted Gender Value Chain Assessments in each country.

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