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At cannexion you will find a team that will provide you communicational support, to ensure that social and language differences are not obstacles in achieving your goals. We have a specialized team with particular experience in communication management who also know very well the Latin American socio cultural context, which facilitates the creation of profitable and strong business partnerships.

Building Strategic Relationships

We are convinced that one of the best ways to understand and to experience the cultural and business behavior in Latin America is by attending and participating in commercial events. Because of these we offer:

  • Creation of agendas and accompaniment in business/diplomatic missions and commercial/technical fairs.

  • Public relations with business and government decision makers

  • Utilization of our extensive network of contacts in Latin America to promote your company

  • Coordination and execution of educational/training and technology transfer events such as fairs, congresses, conventions, conferences among others.

Communicating in an effective way


We provide translation and interpretation support services in English, French and Spanish. 


  • Communications management during business and commercial negotiations

  • Production and translation of printed and media materials

  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation


Due to the economic importance of the current commercial agreements signed between Canada and some Latin American countries, cannexion offers commercial and logistical support for those Canadians companies or/and organizations interested in expanding their products and services in the Latin American market. The services that will guarantee the success of your business and/or your products in this market include:

Understanding the economic/social behavior


  • Diagnostics, analysis and market research

  • Identification of market competition

  • Devising strategic plans


Growing profits and expanding your business

  • Assessment of market potential

  • Identification of growth potential

  • Strategies for product and market development

  • Research and analysis of potential buyers and distributors

Finding partners


  • Guiding companies and organizations to find profitable and lasting partnerships

  • Finding partners, buyers, distributors, representatives and/or suppliers

  • Acting as Canadian agent for Latin American clients

Promoting your business

  • Coordinate and execute trade missions to/from Latin America

  • Design web pages and electronic media that will appeal in Latin American contexts

  • Design and print of promotional material

We offer specific and comprehensive services to assure our clients enter new markets and expand their presence in Latin American countries, by connecting them with the right business partner. Our activities are focused in two areas; these divisions work together to create a multidisciplinary team. The expertise areas of Cannexion are:

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