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Cannexion provides management and technical expertise to developing country partners on projects that promote sustainable growth and meaningful opportunities for people living on the rural areas to improve their lives. Agriculture and Agri-food are a critical connection between economic, social and environmental sustainability in developing countries. With most of the poor in these countries relying on agriculture for their livelihoods, improving agricultural practices and results, agribusiness strategies and trade marketing can be a fundamental instrument in poverty alleviation (especially among the most vulnerable, including women and ethnic communities).

Cannexion was built upon a foundation of promoting business and commercial exchanges between Canada and Latin-American countries, in the agriculture and agri- food sector. We advise on all aspects of agricultural development and agribusiness management, by promoting sustainable economic development through trade with Canada.

We work with our partners to design and implement locally based agriculture, agri-food and rural community development projects. Our work is focused on environmental management, community development, gender equality, agribusiness strategies, trade marketing and private sector development. We are strong believers in helping to establish micro-enterprises and associations, enhancing local leadership and improving the community’s skill base, to help people move from a subsistence economy to more commercial ventures.

Areas of advice:


  • Animal feed ingredients, production, processing and marketing

  • Post-harvest handling, processing, marketing and agro-industrial enterprise

  • Livestock production, genetics and processing

  • Animal health, epidemiology and information systems

  • Food safety, inspection and HACCP

  • Land and water resources management including irrigation systems

  • Feasibility studies and strategic planning

  • Agricultural credit

  • Agricultural market development, grading systems and commodity markets

  • Farm management

  • Renewable energy systems

  • Farm level commodity marketing and risk management

  • Agribusiness strategies and trade marketing

Our expertise includes:

  • Strategic planning

  • Monitoring

  • Results-based management and program

  • Project evaluation

  • Capacity-building

  • Identification of needs in order to design and implement rural development projects, programs and/or policies

  • Projects and programs implementation

  • Business implementation plans

  • Business planning and enterprise start-up

  • Value chain assessment

  • Gender assessment

  • Commercial missions and study tours

  • Baseline assessment 

  • Agriculture credit, financial and insurance

  • Micro-enterprises, associations and co-operative models

  • Environmental impact assessment and management

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