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Cannexion is a private firm based in Ottawa, Canada.  We help Canadian businesses and organizations enter new markets or expand their presence in Latin American countries.  We provide consultancy services focused in the agriculture and agri-food sector.  Cannexion was built upon a foundation of promoting business and commercial exchanges between Canada and Latin-American countries.  We advise on all aspects of agricultural development and agribusiness management, by promoting sustainable economic development through trade with Canada.

At cannexion, we also have extensive experience with international business development, marketing and event coordination, as well as managing groups, organizing diplomatic, business and technical missions, and facilitating cross culture communications.  We specialize in connecting Canadian companies and organizations with the right Latin American business partner.

Cannexion provides management and technical expertise to developing country partners on projects that promote sustainable growth and meaningful opportunities for people living on the rural areas to improve their lives.  Agriculture and Agri-food are a critical connection between economic, social and environmental sustainability in developing countries.  With most of the poor in these countries relying on agriculture for their livelihoods, improving agricultural practices and results, agribusiness strategies and trade marketing can be a fundamental instrument in poverty alleviation—especially among the most vulnerable, including women and ethnic communities.

Being pragmatic has been essential for the success of our accomplishments.  With several clients, all with different needs and agendas, there has been no time to philosophize about ideas; we have had to plan and work.  Flexibility has also been essential, as working with people from different cultures is never straightforward; being sensitive to the different groups of people and helping these to understand each other is an important part in building bridges.

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