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Strengthening Small Ruminant Industry for Trade and Rural Development in Colombia with Emphasis on SPS Issues. 

The central idea of the project is to collaborate on strengthening the production of lamb meat and derivatives of goat milk, with the aim of exporting such products to the Canadian market. In order to achieve this, technical assistance will be provided in the areas of nutrition, husbandry, reproduction, and assistance in complying with requirements, standards and regulations established by the Canada Food Inspection Agency. At the same time, this initiative will permit Canadian breeders and genetics exporters to promote their products in Colombia.

This sub-project will enhance the capacity of Colombian farmers to take advantage of the opportunities through the provision of a range of training opportunities. The project will focus on capacity building through training, discussion, workshops, seminars, assessments, exchange missions and similar activities.  Colombia will benefit from increased exports of meats and other products to Canada and other countries and Canada will benefit through realizing better sources of supply for lamb and other products.  

Recognizing that there can often be personnel changes in the government bureaucracies of Colombia, the sub-project proposes to involve academia in order to establish a sustainable knowledge base within the countries, notwithstanding political or bureaucratic uncertainties.  Government officials must still be involved as they will be the key facilitators in providing oversight, inspection/audit and certification of compliance to standards.


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