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With support from the CLGA and Weavercroft International, Cannexion organized key meetings with dele

GREAT MEETINGS WITH SOME AFRICAN NATIONS! Thrilled to have received a great welcome from the embassies and high commissions that we recently visited in Ottawa. All the delegations visited, expressed high interest in our initiative. We are currently working on an initiative to establish a project in some African nations to strengthen their small ruminant and bovine dairy industry for trade, rural development and competitiveness. Cannexion has recently established contacts with key African countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and DR-Congo) to explore initiatives related to the livestock industry. This sector has incredible opportunities and positive impacts on the small-scale entrepreneurs and producers, especially women, youth and marginalized people living in poverty. Livestock is a key element of rural economy boost. Livestock is an asset to many families and is the primary livelihood of many rural communities, and presents an opportunity for women to build assets. We are very pleased to receive support from the Canadian Livestock Genetic Association and Weavercroft International. Trade + Development = Sustainable Agri-food Business

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