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2014 – Cannexion participated in Export Opportunities for Commodities and/or Value-added Products in Latin America. Go Global: a Multi-Market Seminar. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. Calgary-Edmonton, Canada.

During the Go Global: a Multi-Market Seminar, Cannexion shared recommendation to promote
Alberta’s agriculture and agri-food products in Latin America. During the event, international market
experts from Asia, Japan, Mexico and South America provided insights and advice on how Alberta’s
companies could best position themselves to gain from these developing opportunities.

After the seminar, several Alberta agri-food companies showcased their products in front of the international markets experts to receive ideas and suggestions in order to gain better access to new markets. The experts shared information about market access issues and challenges, business culture and local expectations, and how to prepare for export for the markets.

The International Relations and Marketing Branch introduced their trade development team and explained how to expand opportunities and enhance the competitiveness of Alberta’s agriculture and food products and services in international markets. Export Development Canada and the International Finance Corporation also presented their services and products.

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