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The president of Cannexion, used to be a member of the management committee for the dairy value chain roundtable in the province of Antioquia in Colombia. Because of his experience and knowing the importance of the Canadian dairy sector, Mr. Higuera organized with the support from the Canadian Dairy Commission a mission from Colombia to visit Canada.

The Colombian delegation included representatives and members from the dairy industry association of the province of Anitoquia (ASOLECHE) and some dairy cattle producers. The participants learned about new production and development practices, as well as, advances in technology and management available and used in Canada. The technical sessions, characterized as being dynamic and participatory, were composed of a combination of guided tours, talks, conferences, working groups, and on-the-ground site visits. Additionally, they included consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services. To facilitate the exchange of information and experiences, meetings were organized with producers, experts, and business owners from the Canadian dairy industry.

During the trip, the delegation not only met with the Canadian Dairy Commission, the Dairy Farmers of Canada, Dairy farmers of Ontario and the Ontario Dairy council but they also visited:

  • Dairy farms and production facilities, industrial processing plants, supply chain warehouses, universities and center of training and technological development.

  • Governmental institutions responsible for the health and quality of food products, information data collection, and supply chain risk and planning.

  • Consumer associations, dairy production associations, and associations representing the processing and industrial sectors.

  • Suppliers of concentrated feed stocks, machines, equipment, veterinarian products and services, genetics and other services related to the dairy industry.

2006 - Colombian dairy industry stakeholders visited Canada to learn about it dairy industry. ASOLECHE, Antioquia and Canadian Dairy Commission. Province of Ontario.

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