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2007 - Colombian beef leaders visited the province of Alberta and Ontario to learn about the Canadian beef industry. Calgary, Ottawa, Guelph, Canada.

Cannexion with the support from the Canadian Beef Breeds Council (CBBC) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), organized a study and commercial mission of Colombian beef value chain stakeholders to learn about the Canadian beef sector. During the two weeks mission, the delegation visited several cattle farms, slaughterhouse and processing meat plants, grocery stores chains and beef exporters. The delegation also met the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, CFIA, as well as the representatives of the federal and provincial government.

The group of Colombians spent a week in the province of Alberta, where they met several Canadian cattle breeders associations, livestock and genetics companies and had the opportunity to visit a feedlot (a type of animal feeding operation which is used in intensive animal farming for finishing livestock). This visit was the beginning of a very productive relationship between the Colombian and Canadian beef industry.

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